Sawyer Security
As an organization that manages the personal and payment information of families, business owners and educational institutions, we take data security and privacy very seriously. Our products are built to comply with, and in some cases exceed, the necessary legal requirements for technology companies operating in the United States. We don’t provide too much detail around our security practices because it can expose ourselves and our customers to the very people we are protecting ourselves against. That said, we have provided some general information to give you confidence in how we secure the data entrusted to us.
Personal Data
  • We collect customer and provider data, but do not give, sell, or barter with any data entrusted to us
  • Aside from necessary transactional communication, we will never use the data of your customers to market to them, unless they explicitly opt in
  • As a seasoned team of engineers and experts in digital security, we’ve taken every possible step to ensure the data we collect is backed up, protected, and guarded against attack
  • Our internal staff also has limited access to the data you provide us – we rigorously train and monitor any employee who works with your data
Hosting & Outages
  • Our hosting vendor is an enterprise cloud computing platform used by some of the world’s top companies
  • This vendor allows us to scale to support any level of traffic on-demand, so when you expand, our servers can expand with you. If Sawyer is down, it’s a good bet that half the internet is too!
Banking & Financial Security
  • Sawyer’s credit card processing vendor uses security measures to protect your financial information during and after any transaction
  • We have strict standards for vendors we work with, and we’ll never work with anyone who doesn’t see security as important as we do
Information & Data Transfers
  • Every data transfer is fully secure and encrypted no matter where the transfer is coming from or going to
  • This includes customer information, provider information, and login information. All account passwords are hashed (meaning they can’t be seen), so even our own staff can’t view them – no one at Sawyer will ever ask for your password
Data Ownership
  • When you use Sawyer Tools, you give us access to the data around your business – your customers, schedules, contact information, etc. but you still own this data
  • By working with us, you grant Sawyer the right to use this data to improve our products and services, and while we may use your data in aggregate to improve our business, we will never use it to personally identify your customers and market directly to them
Responsible Disclosure
If you’ve discovered a vulnerability in Sawyer, Sawyer Tools, or any of our products, please don’t share it publicly. Instead, please reach out to immediately and we will address the vulnerability. We review all security concerns brought to our attention, and we strive to stay on top of the latest security developments.