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Marketing with GIFs

Inspire delight with animated GIFs for email marketing, social media, and website use
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Why are GIFs useful?


People spend more time looking 
at moving graphics (like gifs) than
static images.


Using GIFs give families a way to see your personality and have fun with
your content.


Animations are easier to remember than static ones, and lead to increased conversions in campaigns

How to use GIFs

On Canva

Use our custom made Canva templates on Instagram Facebook, TikTok, and more. Search “@hellosawyer” in Canva to access our gifs directly in the program. 

On Instagram

GIFs work best on Instagram in Stories. Search for “@hellosawyer” in the GIFs section to find all of the Sawyer gifs.
Then, use them when you highlight upcoming classes, ask for customer reviews, showcase testimonials, announce new camps and activities, 
and more.

In Emails

Add GIFs to your email campaigns when you reach out to families to ask for reviews or announce new activities.
Search “hellosawyer” on Giphy, then copy and paste GIFs directly into your email campaign using the “Share” button. After copying the GIF URL, look for an "import from URL" option in your email builder.
See a full list of GIF integrations

Best practices when using GIFs

GIFs are fun and useful, but they should not impede your content in any way. Do not use too many GIFs that it is difficult to understand the call-to-action or the purpose of your content.
Choose GIFs that accurately represent your brand and personality. Make sure they are appropriate.
Have fun! GIFs are meant to delight your customers and make your content more interesting. Enjoy yourself and your customers will, too.

Sawyer's GIF Database

Direct GIF URL: Copy and paste this link for "Import from URL" prompts.
.json: Can be used like an image file format. Typically loads faster and are a smaller file size than other image file formats.
View on Giphy: View the GIF directly on
Please note: All GIFs are transparent, and can be scaled to any size. The off-white background is included to highlight GIFs with white elements.

Heart Eyes Emoji

Direct GIF URL:

Party Hat Emoji

Direct GIF URL:

Money Face Emoji

Direct GIF URL:

Wink Emoji

Direct GIF URL:

Smiling Face with Hearts Emoji

Direct GIF URL:

Sleeping Face Emoji

Direct GIF URL:

Silly Face Emoji

Direct GIF URL:

Love Comment

Direct GIF URL:

Link in Bio

Direct GIF URL:

Review Us on Sawyer

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