Real-time Reporting

Big data for small businesses

Grow your business from seedling to sprout, with dashboards and reporting at your fingertips.
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Set and accomplish financial goals

Take the first steps towards exceeding your goals! View and analyze your daily, weekly, and annual revenue, track performance, and quickly access important reports.
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Customize your data

With easy-to-export reporting for every major feature, plus simple ways to customize information and gain useful insights.
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Skyrocket enrollment

Discover the data behind your out-of-this-world activities. Find answers to key questions like which time slots and activities perform best and more enrollment trends.
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Get to know your customers

See the true value that relationships bring to your business. Determine your top customers, create user segments, and discover key insights to help you increase retention.
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Our software saves businesses at least 28 hours a month. Discover how smart software can transform your workflow today!
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Best-in-class support

Continuing education
From training videos to ongoing webinars, you’ll never miss an opportunity to learn.
Detailed help center
Get instant access to step-by-step documentation for every feature.
Personalized onboarding
Our dedicated onboarding team makes mastering software easier than 1, 2, 3!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are reports and dashboards included with Sawyer?

Yes! Every subscription tier gets access to reports. More advanced dashboards and insights are only available to Grow and Scale providers.

Are reports and dashboards easy to setup?

Yes! Reports and dashboards generate automatically and we have detailed resources and documentation to understand the data presented and how it impacts your business.

How do businesses use these features?

Reports and dashboards are a great way to get a pulse on your overall business performance. In addition, you can drill down into data workbooks and dashboards to answer questions and gain valuable insights.

Where can I see this feature in action?

Great question! Schedule a demo to connect with a member of the Sawyer team and we’ll walk you through this feature.