Payment Features

Sell smarter with flexible payment options

Customers want options — Sawyer empowers you to offer payment types that meet the needs of every family.
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Payment Types

Payment options for every business model

Take online and in-person payments through a variety of options including memberships, drop-ins, and class packs. Plus, take advantage of features like gift cards and parties to generate more revenue along the way.
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Financial Management

Simplify revenue generation 

Get paid when your customers pay you, with secure digital banking and deposits. Plus, easy refunds that will never keep your business or customers waiting.
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We’ve tried a handful of class management tools and Sawyer is leagues ahead of everything else in terms of usability.
John, Actors Gymnasium
Sawyer is a straight to the point simple tool but at the same time covers every area my business needs.
Gassia, Petit Bizoo Art Studio
Sawyer has helped me get visibility! No other platform has helped me get students to sign up for classes as Sawyer has done.
Freny, Happy Cloud

Explore more features

Process electronic payments

As parents register, you’ll get paid and have funds directly deposited to your bank within two business days.

Endless activity options

Sell drop-ins, semesters, class packs, and more with flexible pricing options for every activity.

Manage recurring charges

Features like subscriptions, tuition, installments, and membership options help you manage your payments, your way!

Discount offerings

Experiment with promotions like sibling discounts, proration, coupon codes, and automatic shopping cart discounts.

Process refunds

Refund and credit customer orders in just a few clicks.

Streamline communication

Send automatic order receipts to your customers and to your business email.

Learn with resources

Get all the information you need to succeed with training videos, help center guides, and blogs.

See Sawyer in action

Our software saves businesses at least 28 hours a month. Discover how smart software can transform your workflow today!
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Best-in-class support

Continuing education
From training videos to ongoing webinars, you’ll never miss an opportunity to learn.
Detailed help center
Get instant access to step-by-step documentation for every feature.
Personalized onboarding
Our dedicated onboarding team makes mastering software easier than 1, 2, 3!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to set up banking with Sawyer Tools?

Yes! Our onboarding specialists will help you get started once you become a Sawyer provider.

Can your team help me test different payment features and methods? 

Yes! Our support team is always happy to help you workshop and test strategies for your business.

I’m not sure what payment features are best for my business. 

That’s okay! Our team can help you figure out the right way for customers to pay for your offerings.

Can parents choose how to pay?  

Yes! You can surface any and all payment options to parents when they checkout.

Where can I see these features in action? 

Get in touch with a team member by filling out this form.