Registration Forms

Meet your customers before class starts

Understand everyone who books your activities, with customizable registration forms designed to deliver the important details.
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Collecting customer details is a breeze

Add custom form fields to checkout to make the first day of class easy-as-pie.
Unlimited registration questions
Collect data around allergies, policies, and emergency contacts
Create waivers and collect caregiver signatures 
Easily export registration details with custom reporting
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Save time and stay organized

Utilize form fields for streamlined internal communication.
Assign levels and track student needs
Help your staff get to know students
Customize rosters with registration form information
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We’ve tried a handful of class management tools and Sawyer is leagues ahead of everything else in terms of usability.
John, Actors Gymnasium
Sawyer is a straight to the point simple tool but at the same time covers every area my business needs.
Gassia, Petit Bizoo Art Studio
Sawyer has helped me get visibility! No other platform has helped me get students to sign up for classes as Sawyer has done.
Freny, Happy Cloud

Explore more form features

Ask the right questions

Create custom text fields, multiple choice, checkboxes, and drop-downs.

Share waivers

Upload custom documents for customers to fill out and share right back to you.

Communicate clearly

Share important information early on and use form fields to collect customer acknowledgment.

Track skill levels

Evaluate where children are in their learning to set them up for success.

Create evaluation questions

Form fields can help you gauge what a child needs to be successful in your class.

Collect referrals

Learn how families discover your business and encourage community referrals.

Keep it optional

Require only the questions that really matter to keep checkout speedy.

Learn with resources

Take advantage of training videos, help center guides, and blog content.

See Sawyer in action

Our software saves businesses at least 28 hours a month. Discover how smart software can transform your workflow today!
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Best-in-class support

Continuing education
From training videos to ongoing webinars, you’ll never miss an opportunity to learn.
Detailed help center
Get instant access to step-by-step documentation for every feature.
Personalized onboarding
Our dedicated onboarding team makes mastering software easier than 1, 2, 3!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add my waivers to the checkout process?

Yes! You can add waivers for customers to download and re-upload with their responses to your form fields.

What kind of question formats do you support?

We currently support drop-down menus, check box fields, file uploads, free text, and multiple choice.

I’m not sure what registration questions are right for my business.

That’s okay! Our team can help you figure out the right questions to ask.

Where can I see form fields in action?

Get in touch with a team member by filling out this form.