Automated Rosters

Automate your classroom with smart rosters

Understand everyone who books your activities, with customizable registration forms designed to deliver the important details.
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Classroom management and communication on your terms

Automatic rosters allow instructors and staff to quickly see their students at-a-glance, charge for add-ons, and track attendance. Plus, take advantage of flexible tools like email messaging, automatic class reminders, contactless check-in, and printable class rosters.
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We’ve tried a handful of class management tools and Sawyer is leagues ahead of everything else in terms of usability.
John, Actors Gymnasium
Sawyer is a straight to the point simple tool but at the same time covers every area my business needs.
Gassia, Petit Bizoo Art Studio
Sawyer has helped me get visibility! No other platform has helped me get students to sign up for classes as Sawyer has done.
Freny, Happy Cloud

Explore more features

Manage classrooms

With easy class transfers, cancellations, and waitlists.

Teach online or in-person

Join class easily from the roster via a digital class link!

Track attendance

Take attendance or use our check-in and check-out feature to manage your students. Plus, export attendance records in just a few clicks.

View form fields

View important details at the student level.

Message rosters

Quickly communicate with customers via straightforward text-based emails.

Offer more with addons

 Like after-school pickup, extended day, and early drop-off.

Quick charge

Manage last-minute registrations with flexible registration options.

View contact details

See who’s new to your studio at the contact level, plus track information like caregiver contact information and allergies.

Print and export rosters

Easily export and print rosters for your instructors, for easy access on the go.

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Our software saves businesses at least 28 hours a month. Discover how smart software can transform your workflow today!
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From training videos to ongoing webinars, you’ll never miss an opportunity to learn.
Detailed help center
Get instant access to step-by-step documentation for every feature.
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Our dedicated onboarding team makes mastering software easier than 1, 2, 3!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find rosters in Sawyer?

You can find rosters in Sawyer under your Upcoming calendar.

How are rosters created in Sawyer?

Like magic, rosters are automatically generated when you schedule an activity. As parents register, your roster will become filled with important details.

Are rosters easy to use?

Yes, rosters are designed to be simple and straightforward for every member of your team.

Do customers see rosters?

Nope! Only members of your team can see class rosters.

Where can I see this feature in action?

Get in touch with a team member by filling out this form.