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How Two Award-Winning Chefs Get Cooking Online with Sawyer

The Dynamite Shop
Culinary Arts
Brooklyn, NY + Online
customer growth (2020 vs. 2019)
enrollment growth


The Dynamite Shop started as a culinary social club for children and their families in Brooklyn. In 2017, this took shape as a storefront with a teaching kitchen, cook's library, photo and video studio, backyard garden, and a cafe. The Dynamite Shop was founded by Dana Bowen, a writer and editor specializing in food and cookbooks, and Sara Kate GIllingham, a James Beard Award-winning food writer and founder of 


In 2020, COVID-10 changed everything and the Dynamite Shop made the decision to pivot their offerings to online. Little did they know this big change would grow the Brooklyn community into a national one.


Online business looked different for the Dynamite Shop. Without a storefront, the tangible community had to be recreated in a digital space. After one year, the Dynamite Shop has expanded to include professional chefs and educators across the country. Now, this community comes together to teach aspiring star bakers and iron chef apprentices how to cook, and how to cook well.

The business has seen substantial growth by opening up their once-only Brooklyn classes to a national virtual audience. Online classes have allowed the Dynamite Shop to grow in great ways, achieving 222% growth in enrollment from 2019 to 2020. Additionally, broadening their reach to a national audience via virtual learning has allowed them to acquire more than 167% more customers in the same time period. 

You can learn more about the Dynamite Shop here and discover their virtual classes and cooking clubs online.

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