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How Shredder Manages Six Ski School Locations With Sawyer

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In 2012 Brooks Crosby founded Shredder, an indoor ski and snowboard school. Shortly after, Brooks was joined by his co-owners, siblings Max and Rachel Brittenham. The team started with their first location in Boulder and they have since grown to six schools (with many more on the way!) across Colorado’s Front Range. While they offer both adult and kids classes, the business’ primary focus is on lessons for children aged 10 and under on indoor artificial slopes.

Utilizing a unique turf material and other surfaces, kids can develop a familiarity with skiing and snowboarding without their families dealing with many of the more difficult factors that come with snow sports (namely travel time, expense, and unpredictable weather/elements). Shredder’s lessons not only help children build ski and snowboard skills, but they also develop strength, coordination, agility, and confidence by mastering something new! In addition to weekly class sessions, they also offer private lessons for kids, teens, and adults, open gyms, parent nights out, summer and holiday camps, and birthday parties.


After growing rapidly over the course of a few years and expanding to multiple locations,  Shredder needed comprehensive activity management and registration software to help their team stay organized. 

With growth came a few challenges, among them providing customers with exceptional and consistent service across locations and managing class rosters. Prior to joining Sawyer, the Shredder team used a variety of decentralized tools like Google Sheets to store rosters and the commerce feature of their Squarespace website for class purchases. Shredder also utilized a third-party "parsing" platform to pull information from their Squarespace order emails and populate Google Sheets. Then the team would manually copy and paste details into specific class rosters in separate documents. Tracking every order email, double-checking details, and keeping their roster system organized was a stressful and inefficient process for one location, let alone six!  Any small change to their commerce site required them to completely rework the parsing templates and pathways every time. 

Shredder needed a scalable solution that would automatically manage rosters, process orders and send confirmations, and help their business run seamlessly across locations.

“Since joining Sawyer we've been able to keep up with our fast growth by automating so many processes that I used to handle manually regarding sign-ups, rosters, and class schedules!”
Rachel Brittenham, Co-owner and Director of Operations


As a business, Shredder offers flexibility in enrollment to accommodate the needs of busy families, in turn they needed a flexible software solution of their own. In 2020, Shredder partnered with Sawyer to streamline their administrative tasks, enable order processing, automate functions like roster building and order confirmations, and scale efficiently. They’ve seen a 75% lift in enrollment since implementing Sawyer.   

Shredder offers unparalleled service in regards to enrollment in classes and camps — including flexible makeups and a detailed refund and credit policy. With the help of Sawyer, the team can easily track customer profiles in their system and see attendance, bookings, and credits for all customers at-a-glance. 

Not only does Sawyer give the Shredder team the ability to deliver on their commitment to their students, but it also enables the business to offer their customers more options with features like payment plans, camp packs, and bulk drop-in program enrollment. Overall, Shredder believes that Sawyer has improved the buying experience for their customers while aiding in retention and increasing lifetime value by enabling a quick and easy enrollment process.

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