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How the Sawyer Marketplace helps Ramblin’ Dan’s Freewheelin’ Band find 25% of their new customers

Ramblin' Dan's Freewheelin' Band
New York, NY
years on Sawyer


Dan Griffith started Ramblin’ Dan’s Freewheelin’ Band over 7 years ago as a way to positively impact the world. By sharing a mix of original music, classic kids’ songs, and contemporary hits, Ramblin’ Dan creates a fun environment for children to engage in and appreciate music as they grow. Classes are tailored to each child so they feel good about themselves and advance musically, socially, and psychologically.

Ramblin’ Dan’s Freewheelin’ Band was one of the first providers to use Sawyer’s platform and have continued to use Sawyer to run and grow their business since 2016. With the help of the Sawyer Marketplace and the ever-growing number of tools and features offered on Sawyer, Ramblin’ Dan was able to grow from a handful of classes and students to 700+ students in New York City, Long Island, Westchester, the Hudson Valley, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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Ramblin’ Dan’s Freewheelin’ Band wanted to grow quickly and efficiently. They needed to widely market their program and utilize a system that could handle their rapid growth, many locations, variety of teachers, and so much more.

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It took me all of a second to decide to use Sawyer. It just makes it easy for people to register. 25% of our new students come from the Sawyer Marketplace.
Dan Griffith, Founder of Ramblin' Dan's Freewheelin' Band


In 2016, Ramblin’ Dan’s Freewheelin’ Band got their start and quickly signed up for Sawyer. Founder Dan Griffith says, “It took me all of a second to decide to use Sawyer.” He was looking for a class registration and management software that was made specifically for children’s activity businesses so that he could focus his time on developing classes, finding great instructors, and sharing his passion for music with the next generation.

One of the first ways Dan used Sawyer to grow his business was through the Sawyer Marketplace. Today, around 25% of new Ramblin’ Dan students come from the Marketplace. Dan explains, “The Marketplace is great because it helps me do free demos and when I need to fill a class I can use the Marketplace. Free trials are also great for getting exposure and for classes that have low enrollment. The more people that use Sawyer the better it is for all of us.”

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Dan also loves how easy it is to set up his classes, which are then automatically added to both the Marketplace and the embedded scheduling widget on his website. “I can set up a new class in 5 minutes,” Dan says. Then, his teachers can go right into Sawyer and see exactly what they need. This autonomy frees up Dan’s time: No more hand holding for parents or teachers!

Another feature that has helped Rambin’ Dan’s Freewheelin’ Band grow is reporting. Dan often downloads custom reports for certain classes or locations and gets a snapshot of what is doing well and what needs work. 

Finally, ease of use for parents is one of the best ways a children’s activity business like Ramblin’ Dan can grow. Dan explains that Sawyer just makes life easier for parents, which in turn, increases his bookings: “It just makes it easy for people to register and that goes a long way. Customers are not getting frustrated during the process. Instead of people having to contact us to send a Venmo, we can link right to Sawyer."

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