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How Sawyer helps PS 20 Mosaic navigate after school programming with ease

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Mosaic is the PTA run after school program for pre-K through fifth grade at Brooklyn’s PS 20 elementary school. The program is overseen by Mosaic Director Jestina Eubanks. The goal of the program is to provide enriching aftercare for children, while raising funds for the PTA. Jestina and the PTA committee work with the school’s teachers and external educators to create robust programming and offer fun activities like gardening, LEGO® engineering, art, dance, homework help, and more. Mosaic typically has an average of 180 students enrolled per semester and offers drop-in classes as well as semester long classes.

As demand for their programming increased, enrollment grew, and course offerings multiplied, PS 20 knew that they needed a more organized and automated registration and activity management system. Deciding between ACTIVE and Sawyer, they chose Sawyer because they knew it was the only software made specifically for schools and children’s activity businesses.


When the PS 20 team began running the after school Mosaic program, they were immediately in need of a more organized system to make their lives, and the lives of their families, easier. Bogged down by phone calls, emails, spreadsheets, and handwritten forms, PS 20 needed a system that could easily take registration, collect student information, and provide them with  a robust understanding of their program's performance. 

Sawyer lets us know when families book and sends an email directly to us, allowing me to know the numbers and what staff and materials are needed for our camps and classes.
Jestina Eubanks, Mosaic Program Director


In 2018, PS 20 signed up with Sawyer and breathed a sigh of relief. Online registration through the Sawyer widget on the Mosaic website saves time for both parents and the PS 20 team. The Mosaic team is automatically notified when a student books a class. This knowledge, along with the auto-populated activity rosters, helps them plan staff and material needs. Jestina Eubanks, the Director of Mosaic, says, “We know how many children are booking each class or camp. We don’t have to deal with cash. They book and it goes straight to our bank without us touching [anything].” 

Jestina and her team also have utilized the add-on feature to collect program donations or accept payment for one-off items needed for classes like a musical instrument or art kit. “At checkout families can add a donation amount, which is helpful since we are a not-for-profit organization and that donation money might help a child come once a week,” says Jestina. 

Sawyer’s built-in registration forms are also a great resource for the team at PS 20 because they can customize the questions that they ask for each activity. A sports class may have different requirements than an art activity, so this flexibility helps them save time and get the right information for each child. PS 20 also asks each family to create a profile for their child and keep it updated, which is easily done on Sawyer. Jestina says, “It saves me a lot of time and the parents, too. They are able to update their [profile] each year their child attends.”

PS 20 also makes great use of the waitlist feature on Sawyer. Because there is a lot of demand for the Mosaic after school programming, PS 20 opens up waitlists for popular classes and then works to create another session for those waitlisted families. This helps them increase revenue and gain a better understanding of the most in-demand classes so they can better plan for future semesters.

With Sawyer, the PS 20 Mosaic after school program can run seamlessly for both parents and the team. With less time spent on the administrative tasks, Jestina and her team can focus on creating programming that enriches the lives of their students.

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