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May 10, 2021

Weekly Update — 5-10-2021

New Photo Uploader 

We’ve made improvements to our photo uploader to make it easier than ever to boost your business with beautiful images. You can find the photo uploader in two places: on your activities and in your settings, where you update your Business Profile! 

Updates include:

  • Upload photos from your desktop or mobile device. 
  • Create photo galleries to add more context to your offerings — the more photos, the better!
  • Use your social media or Google Drive to add photos to Sawyer 
  • Update imagery quickly with improved loading time and better performance

Activity Booking Updates 

Our team has made a few subtly stunning updates to the way customers see your activities on your widget(s) and on the Sawyer Marketplace.

Updates include:

  • Updated look and feel that puts your activities front and center (and encourages customers to book) 
  • Activity labels that share if a class is booking fast or if one or two spots are left 
  • Class status labels including full, waitlisted, or closed 
  • Additional times that a class is being taught 

Camps Widget Tab Improvements

If you offer events or camps, you’ll notice that your widget's camp tab is loading faster than ever! The changes below only apply to your camps tab — but be on the lookout for more updates soon.

Updates include:

  • Improved functionality and load time
  • Camps are sorted chronologically. If you have two or more activities that occur at the same date and time, they will be sorted alphabetically
  • Improved activity display, with two sections: Coming Soon and In Progress!

P.S. If you don't see updates to your camp tab yet, check back soon! We're rolling out this update in phases. If you have any questions regarding this release, please reach out to

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