Product Updates

September 27, 2023

Product Updates - September 2023

🆕 New Features:

  • Released a closed beta version of an SMS integration.
  • Added an email to be sent when provider banking information is updated.
  • Added the ability for parents to contact providers directly from their order history and order emails as well as from the main Sawyer contact page
  • We’ve created an automatic abandoned cart email sent to customers with unpurchased items between 1 and 2 days old.

🐛 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused the “no available spots” message to incorrectly show when trying to add a booking to the cart. 
  • Fixed form field responses that were not displaying correctly in a member's profile.
  • Fixed a rosters settings bug where form fields were not showing on the roster for associated activities until settings were resaved.
  • Fixed a bug where adult students are not listed at the bottom of the Activity Summary page for activities that allow adults and children.
  • Fixed an error where payment plan payments attempted to charge deleted members.
  • Multiple database performance upgrades were made.
  • Fixed an issue where the cart timer will no longer be reset if a member’s payment fails.
  • Made improvements to transactional emails sent to customers.
  • Fixed an issue with rosters to no longer produce an error if a member on the roster was deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where the left navigation in the member accounts pages was not displaying correctly on a tablet.

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