Product Updates

May 31, 2023

Product Updates - May 2023

🆕 New Features:

  • Launched a navigation improvement test for the Marketplace.
  • Added subtitle text to carousels on the Marketplace.
  • Added light HTML tag support to field options in Form Fields. Users can use (p, em, b, strong, i) tags in the field options.
  • Added option for semester overrides to allow the scheduled activity to run for longer than 53 weeks.
  • Launched Beta Rosters 2.0. There is now a new toggle switch so providers can toggle on and off the Beta Rosters 2.0 in their settings.

🐛 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where some activities with multiple photos showed the wrong primary photo on widgets, Marketplace, and in the portal.
  • Added error message language when adding an activity to a Semester to indicate what information is missing
  • Fixed general sizing and spacing inconsistencies throughout the Sawyer portal
  • Added messaging in the case that a customer tries to register more attendees for a class than there are spots available, so they know they must remove attendees to register.
  • Fixed an issue in Beta Rosters 2.0 where a birthday would say “Invalid Date”.
  • Optimized rosters export to work for larger rosters.
  • Fixed a sibling discount issue where the discount applied to all children instead of any additional child in some circumstances.
  • The cart page will now display all the dates that the customer is booking.
  • Fixed an issue on the cart where it was displaying the wrong class time for free trial sign ups.
  • Improved Marketplace classes recommendation engine.
  • For Beta Rosters 2.0, we updated the filter used for the allergy label so that when customers enter variations of a child having no allergies, i.e. “No Allergies, NKA, Nope, etc.”, the allergy label will not display
  • Fixed a bug where clicking “Transfer Single Date” would reload the page instead of opening the correct modal in rosters.
  • Bug fixed so now we will show “Refund Pending” on ACH payments when a refund is initiated to inform the provider that a refund is being processed.
  • Fixed a bug where anonymous reviews showed the name blank instead of “Anonymous Customer.”
  • Improved loading for various pages in the portal
  • Fixed a bug where the calendar view on the mobile widget would display even if the provider didn’t have this enabled.
  • Fixed a bug with duplicating scheduled activities where the payment plan would be disabled by default. Payment plans will now only be disabled if the pricing is changed or the number of days on a multi-day class is changed.
  • Fixed a bug related to incorrect semester dates displaying in some order confirmation emails when activity instances have been edited.
  • Fixed a bug related to being unable to place orders that have a certain combination of cart-level coupons applied, payment plans, and add-ons.

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