Product Updates

June 30, 2023

Product Updates - June 2023

🆕 New Features:

  • Automated email sending class recommendations to Marketplace members.
  • Launched new Marketplace navigation improvements.
  • Added duration-based interval option for Appointment configuration.
  • Integrated a new checkout payment modal with Marketplace checkout.
  • Updated Google Analytics to the new GA4 standard.

🐛 Bug Fixes:

  • Made multiple internal bug fixes.
  • Fixed an issue causing some orders to show an error when accessing the order’s details screen.
  • Made multiple Marketplace SEO-related improvements.
  • Fixed a bug where using override semester dates prevented editing other areas of the scheduled activity
  • Fixed a bug that was incorrectly modifying corresponding order details when an activity that allows adults to register is updated to no longer allow adults to register
  • Added error messaging when trying to add holiday dates to a timeframe where there are existing bookings.
  • Fixed form fields on Beta Rosters 2.0 so only fields associated with the activity will be displayed.
  • Made a fix to Enrollment Insights dashboard to remove deleted scheduled activities.
  • Fixed a bug where two cards could be selected when charging on quick charge.
  • Fixed a bug where form fields were not showing on Beta Rosters 2.0 when viewing from a mobile device.
  • Added an email notification sent to providers when a customer’s ACH payment fails.
  • Fixed Beta Rosters 2.0 issue that prevented removing or messaging a student on the waitlist.
  • Fixed a bug on Safari where gift cards were not correctly being added to cart.

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