Product Updates

July 27, 2023

Product Updates - July 2023

🆕 New Features:

  • Significant work has been completed on the stability and size of our database for scalability.
  • Network configuration updates to support our application and blog changes.
  • Added additional tracking abilities for GA4

🐛 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with some automated emails having incorrect activity links.
  • Fixed a bug where check-in/check-out time incorrectly displayed the current time on Beta Rosters 2.0
  • Fixed an issue with some online class links.
  • Fixed an issue with some daily and weekly rosters not downloading.
  • Fixed a bug where the percentage Custom Booking Fee was showing up as $0 in checkout/orders for Appointments.
  • Fixed an order confirmation email bug where it would show the wrong day of the week if one of the instances had been edited.
  • Updated 4 provider export reports (Children Report, Transactions Report, Optional Add-ons by Order, Required Add-ons by Order) to run reliably and quickly for large exports.

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