Product Updates

April 30, 2024

Product Updates - April 2024

🆕 New Features:

  • Adult Registration: We built a more seamless booking experience for child and adult programs. Now you can more easily register adults and their friends for adult-only classes, events, semesters, camps, and memberships.
  • Waitlists: We’ve made it easier to fill open roster spots from waitlists faster and increase conversions of waitlisted students. Now you can easily move participants from waitlists to rosters, send registration links to waitlisted participants, and get notifications when spots become available. 
  • End of Year Summary: Access and download annual statements, listing transactions and orders, as well as the total of all transactions made that year. These reports are most commonly used for tax filing and reimbursements. 
  • Rosters v2.1: Rosters v2.1 was an iterative followup to Rosters v2, which focused on bug fixes and improvements to printed/downloaded rosters. The Print Roster option now allows providers to select between a PDF or a CSV roster, which allows for further reporting customization prior to printing.

🐛 Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue that resulted in form field responses displaying inconsistently on rosters.
  • Fixed a bug that did not require a payment method at checkout for monthly billing orders when the first installment was $0 (due to a coupon/discount).
  • Resolved a bug causing some reports to not be delivered to user emails.

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