Product Updates

July 18, 2022

Product Updates

🆕 New Features:

  • We built a new feature that lets you edit the capacity of a single instance (a day) of a scheduled activity right from the roster, without changing the capacity for any other days! Learn more
  • We also now have the ability to send you a Sawyer subscription receipt automatically. Ask our support team to enable this feature for your account by emailing

⬆ Feature Updates:

  • We added a pencil icon that lets you navigate directly to the Pricing or Add-ons pages of a scheduled activity (from the Semesters and Camps pages) without clicking through the previous pages.
  • We also added cancellations (when you cancel a booking) and rebookings (when you add a student back to the booked list from the cancelled tab on a roster) to the transfer audit history timeline. Learn More
  • And we updated the Semester/Camp creation modal to make schedule building easier.

🐛 Bug Fix:

  • We fixed a bug that didn’t allow spaces in instructors’ first names.

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