Product Updates

May 23, 2022

Product Updates

⬆ Feature Updates:

  • We made it easier to view activity details! Add-ons like Extended Day are now displayed alongside other details like Pricing in the Schedules section of your Sawyer for Business portal. Now you can double-check that add-ons are set up correctly without clicking through the scheduled activity setup.

  • We also made it easier to create and edit Activities in Listings, by consolidating the setup flow onto one page. Now you can create or edit Activities without clicking through multiple pages!

🐛 Bug Fixes:

  • We fixed a bug that was preventing individual instances (i.e. class days) of activities scheduled with multiday from displaying correctly on the More Info page when they were rescheduled from the roster.

  • We also fixed a bug that wasn’t letting users navigate away from the activity scheduling flow by clicking on the Sawyer menu.

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