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12 Reasons Why Businesses Love Sawyer Tools

Whether you own a dance studio, offer children’s art classes, teach fitness or language skills that last a lifetime, provide top quality music instruction, or bring robotics, coding, or cooking to budding learners, finding the right registration software can be an overwhelming task. 

We recently conducted a survey to parents asking them about their experiences finding programming for their children. 80% of respondents said they are “likely to book online classes this Winter” but many did not know where to start when finding new enrichment opportunities for their children. Having the tools needed to stand out among your top competitors is more critical than ever running a small business!

"Sawyer is hands-down the most functional software for activity management. It has a gorgeous interface for backend use and for our clients." — Marissa, Owner of Writing Adventures

If you’re thinking of hosting seasonal pop-ups, holiday break camps, testing coupons and promotional discounts, or launching private group events, you want to give your visibility a boost and start fresh for the upcoming winter. You can’t get a boost without a streamlined booking experience for your customers. 

Exploring new registration and class management solutions during the holiday season gives you the perfect opportunity to launch and test new initiatives before heading into the new year. If you’re not currently using a registration management system, switching can help you break up with manual processes, cumbersome forms, or outdated links on your website. While there may be a small cost involved, consider this an important investment to make for the future growth and security of your business. 

We believe that software isn’t a one size fits all decision. That’s why using tools created to power fitness and yoga studios shouldn’t be your first course of action! Many well-known registration softwares offer robust feature sets but upon further investigation you’ll find that they are not specifically designed to work for the children’s activity space. Enter Sawyer.

Here are the top 12 reasons why Sawyer is the best choice for your children’s activity businesses this holiday season and beyond. 

1. Powerfully simple tools

We provide a customizable approach to registration, class management, and new customer acquisition — all in one easy to use platform. Features like instant booking, dynamic scheduling, flexible pricing, memberships, and coupons save businesses at least 20 hours a month. 

“It has been a real life changer and saved me so much time. I like that it automatically uploads directly onto my website, that I am able to contact everyone enrolled in a class at one time, and that I can offer coupon codes or different registration setups for different classes or locations. The list is endless. I love it!” —  Nicola Ciotta, Founder of Baby Ballet Long Island

2. Our network of educators

Great minds think alike! Sawyer creates a community and space to provide ongoing education and share resources and trending topics. From training videos, blog posts, and ongoing webinars, you’ll never miss an opportunity to learn or network with like minded business owners. 

3. Built by parents, for parents

Bad software shouldn’t ever be a barrier for children to access activities like yours. We’re built for the modern parent who expects a seamless booking experience. With a mobile responsive design, quick integration right into your website, and a delightful interface for both parents and providers, we’re your best friend in business.

4. We’re in your corner cheering you on

A dedicated support team who really cares about your success and growth is hard to come by. Maybe that’s why we have a 4.7 star rating on Capterra.

“The employees at Sawyer are amazing! They helped us get our registration up and running within days when we thought it would take weeks! They are very kind and helpful and responsive. Running my business has definitely become easier with Sawyer.” — Madeline Biever, Head of Registration at Singing Onstage

5. We grow together

Our software evolves as the world changes around us. Education is guided by curiosity — our products are too. Discover insights into enrollment, customers, and revenue that will empower you to develop your business and find tools that support the changing landscape of learning from online classes, support for pods, and more.

6. New customers and lifelong fans

New customers are searching for businesses like yours! Learn how educators like Funikijam, Treasure Trunk Theatre, and Buddha Belly Kids Yoga have adapted their business to the online landscape and grown their bookings through partnering with Sawyer.

7. No discounts or deals required

Unlike traditional marketplace sites, pricing is entirely in your control on Sawyer. While you have the flexibility to offer discounts and participate in special offers, you alone set the cost of your activities. 

8. All inclusive pricing — no hidden fees

We make pricing as easy as possible so you never have to pay extra for features you need. We don’t think you should be charged more for customer growth, number of locations, or added users — don’t you agree?

9. Instant gift-ification

Celebrating childhood experiences has never been easier. Delight your customers with thoughtfully designed digital gift cards at no extra cost and enjoy bonus features like parties, special events, and field trips.

“I love how easy it was for gift cards to be implemented on our website. Within an hour, there was a separate tab for parents to click on and purchase the gift cards!” — Emily, Musician and Creator at MaestroTales

10. Putting feedback front and center

Customer reviews are an integral part of the online booking process for families! Forbes outlines that 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business and 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Our built-in reviews features helps you to gather feedback, manage your reviews, identify trends, and connect with customers on a regular basis.

11. Data backed insights at your fingertips

We have all of the information you need to intentionally grow your children's activity business. From parent surveys, case studies, and our annual trend report we gather and synthesize the trends informed by over 2 million bookings and 4.6 million hours of education.

12. We’re more than just software

Our mission at Sawyer is aligned with yours as a children’s activity business owner. We want to help every child develop their own love of learning and that starts with working with the best educators that share in this common goal.

We can’t wait for you to become a part of our community. Book a demo today to see what all the buzz is about.

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