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Tools tips: The customer insights dashboard

The customer insights dashboard helps you get to know your customers on a deeper level which is what this business is all about! These customer insights dashboards & workbooks offer a deep dive into customer growth, student age distribution, top purchasers, and form field responses collected during registration. There are multiple dashboards and workbooks that you can explore, personalize, and export to keep track of important information and make informed decisions.

Now onto the fun part — let’s explore what you can access in your customer insights dashboard. 

Dashboard visualizations:

  • Total Active Purchasers: This chart displays a count of total active purchasers for the selected time frame. Purchasers are defined as any adult customers with a transaction (includes both free and paid) in the selected time frame.
  • Customer Growth: This chart displays a rolling count of client profiles (both adult and child) grouped by the month they initially created a profile with the provider. Each line represents the following values:
  • Gross Customer Count: Aggregates the total rolling count of created accounts (both adult and child). This adds the Total Clients Created to the previous day.
  • For example, on Day 1, I have 2 clients create profiles. The next day I have 2 more. My rolling count for day 2 is 4.
  • Gross Converted Customer Count: Aggregates the total rolling count of purchasers (clients who have a non-zero value transaction) and provides a % value of total converted customers. This adds the Total Converted Clients to the previous day.
  • Customer Value: Customer value refers to the total orders or dollar spend by customers. This chart displays customer name and email as well as values for the following:
  • Total Orders: Displays the total count of orders for the customer.
  • Total Spend: Displays the total sum of initial checkout amounts paid by the customer.
  • Average Spend per Transaction: Displays the average value of initial checkout amounts paid by the customer.
  • Student Age Distribution: This chart displays the total count of students (child profiles) by age for all time.
  • ~Ages are rounded to the nearest whole number based on the birthday provided by the user.
  • ~For example, a child who is 3.5 years old would be grouped as 4 years. You can always drill down the underlying data to view exact ages and birthdays for students.
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Workbook definitions:

When you view each workbook, you’ll see multiple columns of data as well as available filtering options. See below for a detailed explanation of each workbook. For a detailed explanation of each data set and column, view sample workbook data and column definitions here. To learn more about transforming data in your workbooks, please click here.

  • Customers Report: This workbook contains specific fields that exist across existing client reports in Sawyer and provides information about a customer profile.
  • Child Report: This workbook contains specific fields that exist across existing child reports in Sawyer and provides information about a child profile.
  • ~Note: A child-customer pair does not necessarily represent parent/child relationship, but rather that the customer scheduled a class for the child. An individual child may also be duplicated across several users.
  • F~or instance, if two individual parents each have a Sawyer account to book classes for a single child, that child is represented as two rows in this table.
  • Form Fields Hub: This workbook contains specific fields that exist across client, child, and registration reports in Sawyer. It provides insights to all questions and individual responses to form fields and profile fields.
  • Form Responses (supporting table)
  • Form Responses Aggregate (supporting table)
  • ~The aggregate view allows you to see high level summary data for responses to form field questions.
  • ~For example: You can see the total count of responses for a multiple choice question such as level of experience or aggregated values for unique open ended responses.

Want to learn more about our newest dashboards release? Check out our Help Center to get started! 

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