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Tips and tricks for taking care of yourself while running a business

Entrepreneurs know that numbers don't lie, so take a look at this one: 25% of small business owners experience work-related burnout. 

As an educator, there’s no doubt you’re a hard-worker, but did you know that self-care is an important aspect of success? If you're struggling to stay balanced as you run your business, you're not alone. 

The best investment you can make in your work is to keep yourself healthy. If you're not sure what that looks like, keep reading — we'll share the most valuable self-care tips to help you thrive as a small business owner.

Try to exercise daily

Yes, really. Even if it’s just getting up and moving for 20 minutes.

The mental benefits of exercise make it a favorite self-care tool for the world's most successful entrepreneurs. Physical benefits aside, what small business owner doesn't want increased self-confidence and less stress? 

Not just that, but daily exercise sharpens your mind and keeps cognitive decline at bay. You'll be smarter at work and have better memory, too.

If you want in on those benefits, find a workout style that you love (or at least, don't hate) and ink it into your daily calendar.

Put your phone away 

This year has forced us to get more connected than ever before and small business owners have scrambled to shift their businesses online to meet the digital demand. 

For an entrepreneur, though, having your phone around is a mixed blessing. It keeps you checking for the latest notification even when you're trying to relax, and before you know it, you get sucked into work mode.

Successful entrepreneurs agree that being present and "leaving work at work" is key to avoiding emotional burnout. Besides, research shows that less social media means better overall mental health.

Would your business benefit from a calmer, more confident you? If so, invest in it by putting your phone away for a little while each day.

Master the magic word

What's the first word that toddlers learn, but the hardest one for adults to say?

That's right: "No." 

Your two-year-old might be driving you batty by suddenly saying "No!" to everything they used to love, but the "no phase" is a crucial part of a child's development — it's when they learn that they can use boundaries to protect themselves and their emotions.

Most of us adults would do well to re-learn that lesson. As small business owners, we know that our business is a big energy investment. Yes, there's always something to worry about, but hey, who isn't busy?

"No" is the magic word that breaks the cycle of busyness justification. There will always be more demands on your time, but there's only so much you can do. Saying "no" to some good things means you can say "yes" to the best ones.

Small business owners need self-care too

It's time to say goodbye to the myth of small business owners who survive on coffee, vending machine snacks, and the light of their laptop screens. Everyone deserves self-care, including entrepreneurs. Plus, we've proven that self-care actually benefits your business and leads to greater success! With these tips, you can get started on your own self-care plan to help you and your business.

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