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Study Notes: 6 Sites That Simplify the Hiring Process

Study Notes are lessons from Sawyer to help you grow your business. 

Hiring the best employees who stay aligned on your business mission, ignite passion amongst the rest of your team, get to work on time, and exceed expectations can be intimidating. Don’t fear though – finding a stellar team of employees in your community is doable, especially if you leverage digital resources. 

There are obvious ways of finding new employees: help wanted signs, in-person resume submissions, and word of mouth. Thankfully, you don’t have to rely on a help wanted sign in a storefront window. There are hundreds of websites that help small business owners find and hire employees of all levels. To help, we’ve picked some of our favorite resources to find talent for roles of all kinds, from instructors and administrative assistants to freelance designers and accountants!

If you’re struggling to find resumes, conduct interviews, and organize applicants, these sites are here to help.


If you’ve ever used Indeed as a job applicant, you know just how many businesses post jobs on the website. According to Indeed, over 230 million people search for jobs using the platform. You can use the free version to browse qualified leads, resumes, and send emails to candidates directly about the position you are hiring for. Although posting a job costs money, the applicant pool is vast. Start here to get a large pool of applicants. 


If you use Facebook to market your business, you know how powerful the platform can be. If you have a Facebook page for your business, you can post a job to Facebook’s hiring platform. Candidates can then apply for jobs using their profiles. Don’t stop there! If you spend some time searching for Facebook groups, you’ll find hundreds of groups intended to help people find jobs. Investigate the ones in your community, join, and find talent through your digital network. By sharing a job posting on Facebook, you can connect with local talent that love working with children. 

Chegg Internships

Does your business need some marketing help, a social media intern, summer camp counselors, or college students with a passion for working with children? Look no further than Chegg Internships! Students around the country use Chegg Internships to find internships and part-time jobs. Employers can post jobs for free on the website by creating an account and manage resumes, cover letters, and interviews using the platform.


Looking for teachers, counselors, or staff with experience in the arts? Find employees using Backstage! Backstage has been around since the 1960s and is used by performing artists to find work in film, theater, modeling, as well as survival jobs. Backstage stands out from other casting platforms because they have a special job filter for actors to find traditional work that pays the bills (in the entertainment industry, they call these ‘survival jobs). Select “Gigs” under Production Type when you post a job to help actors find your listing! P.S. Post a job for free using the code SAWYERCAST. 


EdSurge is a leading education news organization. They’re made up of teachers, techies, and storytellers who share news, trends, and research. They also run a job board for professionals who are shaping the future of learning. If your company employs educators or needs experts who understand technology and education, Edsurge is a great place to find talent.


Upwork helps businesses find freelancers and agencies around the world. It can feel a little overwhelming — but don’t stress. Posting a job is totally free and Upwork is known for its outstanding customer service. This site is perfect for fulfilling business needs that you can’t handle on your own. Upwork is perfect for finding graphic designers, writers, web designers, and more!

Navigating the world of freelancers is tough! We recommend posting a project and sending out small paid design tests to freelancers if you’re looking to engage in a long-term design relationship. Use Upwork when you need help with certain elements of your business, but don’t need to bring someone on to work with you in person. 

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