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See What Small Businesses Have to Say About Gift Cards

If you’re anything like us, you know that gift-giving is a year long affair and the holiday season is just the beginning. Unwrapping presents is always a delight, but more and more families look for giftable experiences to create memories that last a lifetime.

As educators, you provide little ones and their families with rich activities that impart a lifelong love of learning. That might feel like a gift itself—but when you empower your clients to give experiences by selling gift cards, your ability to impact lives grows. 

When businesses partner with Sawyer, they become part of a national community of the best-in-class children’s activity providers. When we released our gift cards feature, we asked our providers across the country to share what they love about them and how they are using them to promote gifting all year long. Sawyer providers revealed that gift cards impact business growth by saving costs, yielding greater profits, increasing customer satisfaction, and growing customer acquisition numbers. 

What is the impact of offering gift cards through Sawyer?

Read on to see how gift cards impact their business, streamline offerings, and help their clients give the gift of wonder all year round!

Expand your community

Communities are powerful—nurturing relationships with families is key to your business’ growth, longevity, and satisfaction. When you offer giftable experiences, communities become much more than a defined geographic region. Gift cards allow far away loved ones to gift something thoughtful and impactful that bridges geographic distance.

Wild Child, an Oakland-based provider offering art classes for infants and toddlers, uses gift cards to acquire new customers and extend their community. “Gift cards extend our customer base. Grandparents living in other areas are now purchasing online.” 

FunFit Kids, a New York City play space offering a variety of programs and classes such as multi-sport, yoga, music and more, says “A lot of times grandparents or family members want to purchase a program for a child - this allows us to offer gift cards seamlessly.”

Treasure Trunk Theatre, a New York City theatrical arts program for children, loves the impact that gift cards have on their business during slower financial months. “December is a slower cash flow month for us. Gift cards allow our families to keep us in mind for their wish list to grandparents and bring in income that will be for classes later in the season.”

Streamline offerings with easy-as-pie software

Gift giving should be easy-as-pie and so should gift card sales. Selling gift cards through Sawyer is so much easier than taking a spelling test, learning to tie shoes, or standing quietly in line. It also takes less than five minutes. Music providers like MaestroTales love the simplicity of the feature. “I love how easy it was for gift cards to be implemented on our website. Within an hour, there was a separate tab for parents to click on and purchase the gift cards!”

Music Time With Miss Jenna was new to offering gift cards this year. “I think it’s great that Sawyer made it so easy to integrate this option into my business! It helps my business appear current and on trend.”

It’s never been easier to integrate gift card sales into your business for no additional cost. When the features that run your business are in one place, it saves cost and time. Selling gift cards is free with Sawyer Tools and available to every provider.

Give the gift of wonder all year round 

When you give wonder-filled experiences, you give lifelong memories. Wonder doesn’t stop after the holidays - it accompanies life’s most awe-inspiring and once-in-a-lifetime moments. 

The Actors Gymnasium, a circus and performing arts provider in Evanston, IL is promoting gift cards “as a great option for people looking to support their favorite circus artist, as well as a way to support a small non-profit.”

Birthdays are another area of focus for New York City based parkour classes, The Movement Creative. “Birthdays are a great opportunity for selling gift cards. A lot of children lose interest in sports and physical play while transitioning to adulthood. We will email parents a month before their child’s birthday to promote encouraging independence and community through a movement gift card.”

Wonder accompanies some of life’s biggest moments—why not help parents give more wonder filled moments by selling gift cards? As Chicago’s performing arts school Vagabond says “Any holiday is the right time for gift cards.” We couldn’t agree more. 

If you’re ready, activate gift cards in your provider portal by following these instructions. We can’t wait to see the impact you make on families in your community and beyond. 

Need a little more gifting inspiration? Check out our Gift Guides for some curated inspiration for year round gifting.

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