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Roster Update

In the world of children’s activities and camps, keeping track of the information that's most important to you can be incredibly complicated – and different for every business.

In our latest feature update to rosters, you now have direct control over how you access the information that matters most about your children, all while being able to simply and quickly make changes to a given class – anytime, anywhere. 

See what you need, hide what you don't

Show the key details directly from the roster: With the new update, you can choose to hide or show any information about your students you'd like – like allergies, caregiver names, and contact numbers.

With all the information you need on-hand at all times, you'll never forget that one caregiver's name at check-in.

Crazy simple class management

Edit class details in one place: You can now edit class details directly from the class roster, allowing you to make last minute changes to information for that single day including location, instructors, and time – and notifying parents of the change is just a click away. You can also manage attendance, transfer a student to a different class, or remove them entirely – all directly from the roster.

The best part? You and your teachers don't need to be in front of a computer to use the roster – it's just as easy from a tablet or mobile device.

Every piece of Sawyer Tools has been inspired by providers' needs and feedback – it's part of our philosophy that the best products are made in partnership with the people who use it every day. So, please let us know how you like the new roster and other parts of Sawyer Tools, and together we'll continue building tools that allow you to focus on what really matters – inspiring a love of learning in the next generation.

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