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Live streaming on Zoom: 5 tips you need to know

Remote learning took us by storm this year, and while things are starting to normalize with a return to in-person learning, virtual learning will still be a part of the daily education landscape. In a short time, we’ve seen the tools for virtual classrooms get more sophisticated and efficient. But do you know how to add that element of fun into your group calls?

Whether you’re on Zoom or Google hangouts, there are a number of ways to make your classes run smoothly. Read on as we discuss how to get the best from live streaming on Zoom. 

1. Change the background

While you may be back in the home office, your clients don't have to know that. By customizing your background, you can be anywhere you wish, from the depths of outer space to a white, sandy beach. All you need to do is visit settings, click on the virtual background and choose where you wish to be. 

The beauty of this is that you can theme it to the topic. If you are talking about travel, then put yourself somewhere exotic. If you are giving a presentation on technology, then get futuristic.

2. Active muting

If everyone on your Zoom calls did this, then your regular team meetings would run a lot more smoothly. Active muting is the process of turning off your microphone when you are not talking, then turning it back on when you are. 

This stops background noise from entering the call. These background noises can cause feedback loops in the audio, unleashing havoc on the meeting. Ask people to get into a routine of turning mics on and off during the call. 

3. Enable a gallery view

Gallery view is the zoom option that places everyone on your screen. This lets you see what everyone is doing at any one time. By doing this, you facilitate interaction and increase engagement. 

While it does work better with small business teams, you can do it with as many participants as you like. All you need to do is click in the top right corner on the gallery view button. 

4. Do a screen share

Share screen is at the bottom of the zoom call window and lets you show others what you are viewing on your own desktop. However, it is not the function that makes Zoom calls fun. You can use it for watching videos and sharing music. If you have time and have been giving a presentation, then use it to test people on the content. There are numerous services to do this online that help makes it fun and informative.

5. Enable breakout rooms

Breakout rooms are smaller, individual sessions within your larger meeting. You can enable them from the account portal in your settings. You can even assign sub hosts to manage the individual rooms and delegate tasks to smaller groups. 

Live Streaming on Zoom

The final tip when live streaming on Zoom, is to decide if you really need it. Is the meeting informative, necessary, and adding something of value? If it is a routine check-in, then your constant Zoom meetings could be held off for another time. 

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