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Let’s talk about coupon codes: Are they a thing of the past?

Ah yes, it’s the age old discussion — “Should I discount my classes?”, “Should I give my loyal customers discounts?”. If you’re thinking about those questions, you’re not alone. Deciding whether or not you should offer coupons to customers isn’t always an easy decision. After all, coupon codes cost you money. Any discount you offer means less money in your pocket. However, less money in the short-term could mean more long-term. Let’s break down why.

When considering the value a coupon adds to your business, it’s important to find a way to measure if the discount you’re offering is improving your bottom line in the long run. Below, we’ll discuss how to use a coupon campaign to grow your business! 

1. Attract new customers

In order to grow your business, the quest for new customers should always be at the forefront of your strategy. Coupons help introduce new customers to your classes and programming. The reality is that many consumers respond well to initial discounts or offers (ever notice how tons of online stores will quickly offer 10% off to new customers?). When competition is high, sometimes a coupon can be the difference maker in driving customer decisions. 

2. Keep existing customers engaged

There’s no doubt you have families in your community in love with your classes and activities. Maybe they’ve been taking your classes for years, or had a couple of good experiences so far? Coupons are a great way to keep those loyal customers engaged with your offerings. 

3. Coupons build your customer base

The key to coupon success is to use them as a way to build your customer base. Typically, when a customer opts into your coupon, they’re providing you with information. Maybe it’s an email address, or a class they joined. All of the information you collect upon a customer claiming a coupon can be valuable in helping you make decisions about your business. If it’s an email address, you’ll be able to promote future classes to a family. If you see a certain class coupon is being claimed more than others, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about programming that families are interested in, and create more classes accordingly!

Use coupon codes to grow your business

Coupon codes are a great option keeping existing customers happy, as well as growing your customer base. Creating, tracking, and managing coupons is simplified when you have the right tools in place. When you use Sawyer, not only will you be using the best platform for running your children’s activity business, you’ll also be accessing a variety of tools and marketing options to grow your business!

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