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Introducing: The Sawyer Guide to Growing Enrollment

As a small business owner with a passion for educating children, you are likely juggling a lot of different tasks at once. Getting the word out about your business, finding the right customers, enriching their lives, turning them into loyal fans, and scaling up all at the same time is not easy. 

Luckily, Sawyer is here to help! We have analyzed 2.3 million bookings made in the past year to determine best practices and strategies to help you optimize your classes and increase enrollment. Our step-by-step guide gives you the tools you need to grow your business, so you can focus more on creating exciting programming and doing what you love. 

In our ebook, The Sawyer Guide to Growing Enrollment, we outline the entire growth process from finding your audience through retaining returning customers. In each section, we include helpful tips and templates as well as proven strategies so you can increase enrollment and scale your business. 

You will learn:

  • How to identify your audience including how to create an ideal customer profile (ICP) and why ICPs are important to your growth.
  • Tips for connecting with your community such as where to find parents and how to build relationships with schools.
  • Why free trials actually make you money and how to successfully launch a trial campaign that works.
  • The power of social proof and how you can get more by utilizing user generated content, leveraging customer reviews, and maintaining strong relationships.
  • Extensive tactics to make your classes stand out such as taking action-oriented pictures with crip resolution, showing off your team, and writing strong activity titles. 
  • How to transform one-time customers into lifelong fans with help from powerfully simple enrollment and class management tools, an incredible network of educators, and a focus on feedback and data-backed insights.

If you are ready to boost enrollment and scale your business, download The Sawyer Guide to Growing Enrollment today

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