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Activity Best Practices: How to Help Your Business Stand Out

Activities are core to your business! Best practices vary for naming your classes and crafting activity descriptions depending on where your activity can be found.

When your activity appears on the Sawyer Marketplace, parents can discover your offerings and in turn, you can acquire new customers. If a parent is new to your business, they will need more context on the who, what, and how of your business when they click on your activity. 

We’ve put together some best practices to help you maximize the reach of your activities — on your website, the Sawyer Marketplace, and when shared on social media! 

Think about your audience

When writing activity descriptions your audience is mostly new customers — we like to think of these parents as business leads! When you offer online classes this audience most likely includes families from across the country. 

The goal of activity listings and your provider page are to act as tools to convert these users into customers. You may have to think about these customers in a different way than you’d think about customers who come to your website.  Since marketplace customers aren’t as familiar with your brand as your neighborhood families, you’ll want to give them a thoughtful introduction to your brand through your business description, activities, and imagery. 

When creating activities consider the following questions: what do parents love about your business? How can you highlight these features? What can customers expect from one of your classes? If you don’t have reviews yet, how can you build trust with potential new clients? 

If you haven’t thought about the different types of customers that you can acquire and build relationships with, check out these articles on customer acquisition and lead conversion

Activity title tricks

Fun activity titles are always welcome, but before you maximize the cute factor, make sure your title clearly shares what your activity is about. Your brand should sparkle throughout your imagery selection, provider page, and activity description. 

If you choose to highlight instructors, age groups, or branded activities in your activity title, make sure you provide context as to what these are in the description. 

Do This Not That
Be direct but fun! Overly flowery language
Showcase your brand voice Sparse copy
Inspire customers Grammar and spelling mistakes

Crafting impactful titles 

Browse the Sawyer Marketplace to see how other providers title their activities and write down your feedback. Remember this when you’re naming your activities! 

Once you do your research, look at your activities. You can use this formula to help you brainstorm titles for activities – but make sure to let the personality of your business shine. 

Vertical + Subject Matter + Age Range

For example, you are teaching a digital art class inspired by Frozen for Preschoolers, you could break it up like this:

Art + Disney’s Frozen + 2-5 Year Olds 

Now you can brainstorm a  good title. Start by writing down a few options that will help the winner stand out. We added some examples below to help you envision the possibilities.

Example titles: 

  • Preschool Art Class: Let’s Draw Princess Elsa 
  • Preschool Art: Draw Characters From Disney’s Frozen
  • Art For Preschoolers: Draw Frozen Favorites 

Style and tone for activity descriptions

Be true to you! When you describe activities, use second or third person. There is no steadfast rule to writing and the best copy will be in-line with your unique brand. 

Remember that activities are often a parent's introduction to your business when they discover you. Keep the tone of your activities light, informative, and inspiring. Include any details that help parents understand why your class is special and what your programming looks like. 

Consider adding links to your instructor bios, breakdowns of what each class entails, and any additional details to help your business stand out.

Imagery selection

It can be tricky to select perfect images — especially if you don’t have a photographer to help you capture your space, students, or instructors. If you find that your business doesn’t have custom imagery, don’t worry.

Consider taking photos with your smartphone — just make sure you shoot horizontally, that your space is well-lit, and that the area that appears in the photo is clean. You can also consider asking skilled instructors to take photos of your space. If custom imagery isn’t possible, you can always use stock images

Photography guidelines

Do This Not That
Showcase children’s activities Significant amount of text on the photo
Saturated colors Dark photography
Crisp resolution Photos that don’t communicate your offerings

Photography quality is equally as important as technical details. When you're ready to upload images to your Sawyer Tools account, make sure to follow these guidelines. Using the correct image ratio, file format, and size can make a big difference.

Now you know the basics of mastering the Sawyer Marketplace. You’re one step closer to growing your business. When creating activities, remember that the Sawyer Marketplace is a new customer’s first introduction to your brand and should showcase what makes you special. 

Not on the Sawyer Marketplace? Reach out today to get listed. 

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