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How To Find The Best Software To Manage Your Camp

The options may seem endless when it comes to camp registration software - but the choice can be very simple. Sawyer was built by parents, and our software is designed for camp pros so they can focus on helping children discover their own love of learning, instead of paperwork. Sawyer for Business is designed to support and grow camps of all sizes, with features ranging from flexible scheduling and pricing, sibling discounts, custom forms, allergy tracking, dynamic rosters, easy camp transfers, and simplified parent communication. Looking for more support to jumpstart your camp? Check out our ultimate guide to starting and running a kids camp.

When it comes to finding the perfect software for your business needs - make sure it passes the “CAMP” test! 


Knowledge is power! If you’ve ever felt like you’re overpaying for your current software, it may be time to research new options. Start by looking at your current costs and evaluate if it still fits your budget and needs. 

To see if it’s time to switch, consider these questions:

  • Are there features you’re not using that are costing you money? 
  • Are there hidden costs that you weren’t originally budgeting for? 
  • Are you having to pay more as your business grows?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to start investigating new software. Research options to get an idea of the current landscape. Prepare to have an honest conversation about your current needs with every sales representative you connect with. You never know if there are cost-saving solutions they might propose or features you haven’t considered. At the very least, you’ll have the necessary information to revisit a pricing conversation with your current provider should you need to. 

Booking a camps software demo with Sawyer is easy and risk-free. See why our software and support team is loved by children’s camps across the country. 


Times change and so do the needs of camp directors, counselors, and parents! As a business owner,  you need a software solution that evolves as the world changes. Prioritize finding a company that is consistently improving products, updating features, and listening to the needs and feedback of business owners. 

The camp and education landscape changed overnight with Covid-19. The pandemic has challenged families and businesses to critically think about what matters most and how to make impactful decisions to put safety and community above all else. Take note of companies that have adapted to support business owners — they’ll be the ones to support you during every challenge the future brings! 

When it comes to gauging adaptability, think through the following:

  • Did your current software provider release features to support a shift to online programming?
  • Were you able to test new ideas to keep your business afloat through summer 2020?
  • Do you feel limited in your ability to accommodate requests from customers?
  • Were you given opportunities to network and connect with fellow business owners?

Feeling supported by the tools you invest in is imperative to success. At Sawyer, we support our partners by offering networking opportunities, continuing education, and exclusive resources.  Our team of experts creates actionable content for our educators on seasonal and trending topics such as Instagram Marketing Strategies for Camp and Summer Programs and our downloadable camp readiness checklist. We put the needs of businesses first by offering features that support in-person and online offerings,  empowering our clients to tailor their offerings to the ever-changing world.  


Managing and learning to use software shouldn’t be a full-time job! Technology should be simple and if your current tool is not streamlined, it might be time to look into new options. 

To evaluate if your software is easy to learn and manage, consider the following: 

  • Does your current software offer detailed documentation and training videos?
  • Is their support team responsive and helpful when you or your staff have questions? 
  • Are the features easy to understand or set up to be accessible and intuitive to use?
  • Do you spend a lot of time answering questions or addressing concerns from parents about your current registration process?

Overly complicated systems shouldn’t be the barrier to providing a great experience for your parents, staff, or campers. At Sawyer, you’ll have a dedicated onboarding and support team, training videos, help-center,  instant website integration, and ongoing educator resources that make managing camp registration a breeze. Our software helps educators get back to what they do best - providing fun, safe, and memorable experiences that last a lifetime.


Online presence matters more than ever! Camp can be a costly decision for families and savvy shoppers will research their options before making a final decision. Make sure your camp stands out from the competition by thinking critically about your customer experience. Start by collecting feedback from past camp families to see where there are areas of opportunity to make the booking process better and easier.

To evaluate if your software and website feel professional, consider the following: 

  • Does your software provide opportunities to market to or attract new customers?
  • Can customers find pricing and registration information easily on your website?
  • Does your system allow you to keep customers on your website rather than linking off to a separate registration portal or form? 
  • Can families browse or learn more about your options before having to create an account? 

Sawyer was created by parents in partnership with camps and businesses like you! Our parent experience is what sets us apart from other platforms.  Sawyer Tools streamlines the registration experience on your website while also giving you the option to automatically list your camps on our marketplace for no additional cost. We never require program discounting, so you’ll have total control over activity pricing. Simply schedule activities, price according to your priorities, and let the customers come to you! 

We hope this has encouraged you to put your software through the “CAMP” test! Thank you for providing quality camp experiences for children and their families - your hard work does not go unnoticed. If you’re curious about how Sawyer Tools puts camp educators first, we hope you’ll book a camps software demo to learn more about our most loved camp features. 

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