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Effective apps and resources every teacher should use

Think of the teacher that changed your life for the better. 

Was it their warm smile every time you entered their classroom after a rough weekend? Were they the only one that believed in you?

Educators have the ability to change the lives of every student that walks into their room. With that said, being a teacher isn't easy and comes with a lot of responsibility. That's why finding helpful tools as a teacher is a must. 

If you're currently teaching or own a business with a focus on education, check out some of our favorite resources below. They'll boost the efficiency of your classroom.

Google suite apps: perfect for any business

The Google Suite apps will easily become your best friend. They carry the same functions as Microsoft Office apps, but it's free with a Google account. Plus, you can easily share documents with other people on Google Drive.

Google Documents can be used to type up lesson plans, quickly brainstorm sessions, or jot down any other small notes. 

Do you need to make a quick presentation for tomorrow's lesson? Google Slides is available for that. Then, easily share the presentation with other teachers and students. 

The best part is these apps can be used on a smart mobile device.

Remind students about assignments

One of the most stressful parts of online learning has been reminding students of upcoming due dates. 

The Remind app works well in helping students keep up with due dates. On the app, you're able to send out scheduled reminders to your classroom, and you can even start up a group chat. 

Are you having trouble reminding parents about signing consent forms? Classtree is an app that shares consent forms and allows signing through the app.

If you have young students, encourage the parents to use ClassDojo with you. You can remind parents about assignments, upload lesson plans, and leave constructive feedback about a student's progress.

Have an after school program?

Smoothly handling the enrollment of an afterschool program is difficult. 

Sawyer Tools is great if you need an all-in-one registration platform. It provides channels for quick communication and online booking to aid in registration. 

To take payments painlessly for the program, many people use apps such as PayPal or Venmo. Mobile pay apps are great for parents who forget to send in money from home. 

Does a student seem to be missing often from a camp or program? Kinvolved was created to easily track absences and alert the parents of their absent child. 

The best apps for teaching and education

If you're in the teaching field or own a business with a focus on education, you should check out the apps mentioned above. They'll boost the efficiency of the classroom, and many of them do a great job of keeping parents involved. 

There are tons of apps out there that help with everything from due date reminders to sharing consent forms for field trips. You can also find plenty of apps that aid in program registration and attendance.

Are you still on the search for the perfect children's activity management program? Check out our school and camp solutions today. 

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