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Can private lessons help you grow your business?

Have you ever considered offering private lessons at your business? Many parents seek 1-on-1 lessons for their children due to the benefits they offer children. Whether it’s learning in an environment with fewer distractions or a personalized approach and pace, private lessons allow teachers to give students their full attention. While there are advantages of private lessons in the eyes of parents — are they right for your business?

Below we highlighted common reasons why educators tend to accept private lessons. Take a look, and if your business is checking any of these boxes, additional lessons may be a good fit for your business.

1. You have the space

Are you searching for ways to maximize the space of your business? If you’re operating out of a physical space, offering private lessons is a great way to make your business even more efficient. If you’re not running group classes all day, welcoming students in for private lessons can be a productive way to pack your schedule full of learning.

2. You have amazing instructors

You’re working with the best of them! With smart and engaging instructors, any opportunity to educate more children should be entertained. While your instructors thrive in a classroom environment (both virtually and in-person), imagine how much they could support a child in need of some extra learning assistance? 

This form of learning not only assists children, it can make your instructors happy and engaged by opening up new teaching opportunities for them. 

3. You want to reach more families

Even if you don’t offer private lessons on a regular basis, having them available means access to more families. By creating additional touch-points in your business, you’re opening the door for more of your community to utilize your services. Maybe group lessons weren’t right for your neighbor’s kids, but private lessons are. By activating new facets of your business, you’re inviting more customers through the door.

4. You have the curriculum and supplies

Maybe you’re teaching an art class for toddlers, or a robot building class for teens — regardless of the enriching activity, why not make it accessible for even more students? If private lessons are a better format for some children, maximize your curriculum and supplies by adapting it to a 1-on-1 format. Not only will you be making your efforts in preparing for a class go further, you’ll be helping kids that might not normally join a group class.

5. You have powerful tools at your fingertips

By working with a powerful tool like Sawyer, you’re opening the door to simple and delightful management of your programs. Take advantage of customizable approaches to registration, class management, and new customer acquisition. Sawyer provides features like instant booking, dynamic scheduling, flexible pricing, memberships, and coupons. These features save businesses at least 20 hours a month. What will you do with your extra time?

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