How to improve your customer experience with automated messaging

As a children’s activity business, one of the key drivers of repeat and referral customers is streamlined communications. Your goal is not just to offer the best programs, but also to ensure that every interaction with families is seamless and delightful. Implementing an automated communications strategy can be a game-changer in elevating your program.

Here are four ways Sawyer's suite of email automations can help you save time and enhance your customer experience:

  • Activity Auto-Reminders: Our Auto-Reminders feature ensures that your customers never miss an upcoming program or activity. With notifications sent 24 hours in advance, families can plan their schedules effectively. Say goodbye to manual reminders and hello to effortless communication.
  • Birthday reminders: Birthdays are special occasions, and being top of mind during these moments can lead to increased bookings and engagement. With our automated birthday reminder emails, you can ensure that your activities are considered when families are planning upcoming birthday celebrations. It's a simple yet effective way to stay connected with your customers throughout the year. Plus, they’re sent automatically 60 days before a child’s birthday, so your team doesn’t have to worry about manual set-up or sending.
  • Order confirmations: Simplify the booking process with automated order confirmations. Whether your customers are signing up for a class, camp, or semester-long program, instant confirmations reassure families that their registration is secured. Eliminate the need for manual confirmation emails so your team can focus more on running your programs.
  • Waitlist updates: Keep your classes full and minimize administrative tasks with automated waitlist notifications. Our system automatically emails you when a spot in an activity with a waitlist becomes available. This internal automated reminder helps you maximize enrollment and ensure a smooth transition of your customers from waitlist to registration. 

By leveraging Sawyer's suite of email automations, you can save time and resources while also elevating your overall customer experience. With streamlined communication and personalized touchpoints, you'll create lasting impressions that will keep families coming back and turn them into advocates for your programs among their communities!

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