2019 Out of School Programming Trend Report

Exclusive insights informed by over 2 million bookings and 4.6 million hours of education.

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Explore Insights on Purchasing Behavior and National Trends

How did families book semesters in 2019?

50% of families book semesters 21+ days before the start date27% of families book semesters the week before the start date15% of families book semesters after the start date

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The online purchase behavior of families
  • National trends for out of school programming
  • Insights into how families behavior changes as children grow
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Most popular activity categories by region in 2019

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About Sawyer

Sawyer is an education technology company on a mission to foster a lifelong love of learning in children across the country. We offer two solutions: registration software and our parent marketplace.

Sawyer Tools is a registration and business management system that streamlines operations for childhood education providers. The Sawyer Marketplace empowers parents to discover enriching activities for their children in their neighborhood and beyond. 

About the trend report

The Out of School Programming Trend Report represents our team’s passion for producing research and insights that are approachable and actionable. Completed in the spirit of curiosity, we invite you to explore, ask questions, and discover the wonder of education through personal reflection.

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